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Bringing Pseudonymity to Work

Keep Your Side Hustle Secret

Noxx makes it simple to work under a pseudonymous identity, allowing you to explore exciting opportunities without jeopardizing your current job.

Work without friction

Multilayered digital identities have already changed the world, allowing to us to communicate and collaborate with true freedom.

But for many, the world of work feels more restrictive than ever.

The world’s top talent are unable to explore new possibilities or work on side projects without their employers finding out.

Noxx solves this issue, allowing you to creating a secure and verified pseudonymous identity in a matter of moments.


Get started in minutes

  • Create your pseudonymous resume and profile with our AI-powered tools

  • Verify your work eligibility with our pseudonymous verification system

  • Get hired and get paid securely with crypto payments!


Noxx sets talent free

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    Free from corporate surveillance

    I’m an experienced dev and everyone knows this is a competitive industry where people change jobs a lot. I want to be able to dip my toes in the market and see what else is out there without my boss immediately knowing.

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    Free from doxxing

    I hate the idea that there is just no separation between my work and personal life anymore. I don’t want my boss to know if I let loose on the weekend. I don’t want to be pulled up in front of HR because someone doesn’t like my tweets or decides to harass me.

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    Free from profiling

    Having faced discrimination at work before, it was draining to worry that it might happen again. I just want to be judged on my abilities, not the color of my skin

Work and Hire Without Friction

Noxx also incorporates a payroll and compliance tool that makes it easy for pseudonymous talent to get hired and paid without compromising legal obligations.

Our beliefs

  • Pseudonymity is freedom

    Noxx empowers a world where workers can be free from discrimination, knowing that they are being judged based on their merits, not an employer’s biases

  • Pseudonymity is uncompromised

    Noxx is a custom built solution that’s specifically designed to ensure that talents’ privacy is always protected

  • Pseudonymity is the future of work

    Noxx uniquely enables legal entities to hire the very best pseudonymous talent, while still maintaining the highest standards of compliance and accountability