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July 22, 2023

6 Angels Redefining Pseudonymous Investing

Today, we'll delve into the profiles of six prominent figures who, despite keeping their real identities under wraps, have made significant impacts and contributions to this dynamic, ever-evolving industry. From Punk 6259's insightful threads on the future of tech to Zeneca's monumental influence in the NFT market, each investor brings a unique perspective and strategic approach to their investments. 

Get to know these investors as we uncover their investment focuses, notable contributions, and the projects they champion. Choosing to let their portfolios speak louder than their personal identities, they are instrumental in shaping the crypto space. 

6 Angels Redefining Pseudonymous Investing

1. 6259

6259 (also known as Punk 6259) is a prominent influencer, thought leader, and angel investor in the Web3 space. He is also known for his threads on defining how crypto, the metaverse, and other forms of tech will shape our future. He splits his funds, alongside other pseudonymous investors, into one project- and one NFT-focused portfolios, with some investments including Arbitrum, Blur, and UXD. 

2. Cobie

Cobie is one of the most popular and influential voices in the crypto community. Though his face and name are doxxed, most refer to him just as Cobie (originally called CryptoCobain). As both an investor in public and private markets, when Cobie speaks, everyone listens, especially when it comes to his thoughts on markets and the future of Web3. Recently, he has participated in seed rounds for Monad, a new EVM-based layer 1 blockchain. 

3. Hasu

Hasu is another crypto-focused investor who has laid the foundation for a number of projects as both a leader and advisor. Mostly known for his work at Flashbots and on his podcast Uncommon Core, Hasu has contributed capital to a number of projects, including AwesomeQA, Monad, and Euler. 

4. CL (+ eGirl capital)

CL is a very recognizable face across crypto Twitter. Known for his cat profile and persona, he is commonly considered one of the greatest traders in the space. He helped cofound eGirl Capital, a portfolio of investments ranging from Arbitrum to Blur and Lido, which is also run by other anonymous and pseudonymous people like himself.  

5. 0xMaki

0xMaki was a pseudonymous founding member of SushiSwap, who played a crucial role in its early marketing and management after the original founder's exit. He emphasizes his commitment to decentralization and is focused on investing and advising protocols on pursuing and executing on these values. His current work is with LayerZero, Aura, and DCV Capital, a group of pseudonymous angel investors. 

6. Zeneca

Zeneca is a big player in the NFT space, with a huge following that listens to and learns from his insights on the market, as well as new projects and opportunities. He famously founded ZenAcademy, an NFT-gated community for NFT trading and investing. Some of his notable investments as an angel include Blur, Lore, and AnotherBall.


These investors have made their mark in the crypto and Web3 industries. Through their strategic investments, influential voices, and dedication to pushing the boundaries of this exciting domain, they embody the spirit of innovation and disruption that characterizes the blockchain and crypto industry. 

Despite their choice to keep personal identities concealed, their significant impacts are deeply felt and their influence widely recognized. Each one has carved a niche, from shaping the future of tech, to pioneering the NFT market, to advising new protocols on decentralization. They are proof that it's not the identity that defines success in this space: it's the vision, passion, and the ability to create and nurture something extraordinary. 

Posted by Noxx Team