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June 30, 2023

7 Pseudonymous Content Creators Making Waves Online

From the YouTubers who make us laugh, to the anonymous crypto investigators keeping us informed, the internet is bursting with content creators who value the power of pseudonymity and keeping their personal lives separate from their online personas. By operating under pseudonyms, these individuals have successfully built massive followings while keeping their real identities out of the limelight. 

Let's take a closer look at seven of these content creators who are making waves online. From Dream's Minecraft adventures to ZachXBT's investigations, delve into the diverse world of online pseudonyms!

1. Dream


Dream is a popular YouTuber and streamer known for his Minecraft content. He is also part of the Minecraft collective known as the Dream SMP, a server where various YouTubers play together and create intricate storylines. His identity was largely a mystery, as he chose not to do a face reveal for several years, before revealing his face in a video in October 2022. Due to backlash and a change of heart, he deleted the video and continued his faceless content under his pseudonym. He has since made it his mission to delete all images of his face online, for better or for worse. 

In addition to his gaming content, Dream has also released a few music tracks, expanding his content to resonate with a wider audience. He is known for his strategic and highly skilled gameplay, alongside his humorous and engaging personality.

2. Gawr Gura

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 9.57.47 AM.png

Gawr Gura is a VTuber and streamer who is part of Hololive's English-speaking talent group, Hololive EN. As a VTuber, Gura's real identity is unknown, and she interacts with her audience through a digital avatar rather than showing her real face.

Gura's character design is that of a cute, small, blue-haired humanoid shark, complete with a shark tail and a trident. She claims to be thousands of years old and hails from Atlantis. Her character is known for her playful personality and her occasional puns. She often hosts live chats, does song covers, and plays games with her audience. As of writing, she has over 4.3 million YouTube subscribers, averaging hundreds of thousands of views on her streams.

3. Mori Calliope

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 9.59.00 AM.png

Mori Calliope is a virtual streamer, and like other VTubers, Mori streams while using a digital avatar that moves and talks according to her actions and voice. As part of her character lore, Mori Calliope is portrayed as the Grim Reaper's first apprentice. Her character is known for her cheerful and outgoing personality that contrasts with her grim occupation. 

Beyond her streaming activities, Mori Calliope is also a talented rapper and musician. She writes and produces her own music, and her songs have gained significant popularity. Her content typically includes playing video games, chatting with fans, collaborating with other Hololive members, and performing live music. 

4. Kuzuha Channel


Kuzuha is a male Japanese VTuber associated with the agency Nijisanji. Kuzuha, in character, is presented as a demon king who’s known for his smooth and deep voice, and his streams typically include content such as gaming, chat interactions, and even karaoke sessions, and his game streams frequently feature popular titles like Minecraft, Apex Legends, and PUBG. He is currently one of the most watched and the most subscribed male VTubers. 

5. Ironmouse

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 10.01.55 AM.png

Ironmouse is a popular streamer who uses a digital avatar that portrays a devil-like character as both her brand and her persona. Despite her demonic avatar's persona, Ironmouse is known for her positive and lively personality, which plays a huge role in her appeal.

Ironmouse has mentioned that she has a compromised immune system and streaming as a VTuber allows her to connect with people online while managing her health. This aspect of her life adds another layer of depth to her character, and she has become a role model for people who are similarly dealing with chronic illnesses.

6. ZachXBT

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 11.16.41 AM.png

ZachXBT is a popular personality throughout crypto Twitter who has remained largely anonymous despite his following and work. He has dedicated his time to exposing scammers and unethical actors in the crypto space, all shared completely transparently on his account.

His motivation came as a result of his own negative experiences in previous crypto cycles, expanding from a single tweet to a much larger scale, garnering attention from major news outlets such as Bloomberg, Vice, and The New York Times.

His methods involve extensive research using various on-chain tools like Breadcrumbs and Nansen, along with blockchain explorers and other digital tools like Twitter search,, and YouTube. Zach’s work has been mostly unpaid, apart from a donation address set up earlier in the year. 

7. Corpse Husband


Corpse Husband (also known as CORPSE) is an internet personality and musician, best known for his distinctive deep and monotone voice. He rose to prominence primarily through narrating horror stories on his YouTube channel, and later became known for his participation in the online multiplayer game Among Us, where he played alongside other popular internet personalities. His music, primarily in the lo-fi and alternative genre, has also gained considerable popularity. Corpse Husband is also notable for his openness about his struggles with anxiety and chronic illnesses.

Posted by Noxx Team