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July 12, 2023

Put Your Pseudonymous Talent Profile to Work

The landscape of talent acquisition has been revolutionized with Noxx's Pseudonymous Talent Profiles. In an era where the world has grown more connected, finding and securing new job opportunities without risking your current employment can be challenging. 

That's where Noxx steps in.

Noxx is committed to creating an environment where users can display their skills, experience, and willingness for new opportunities while preserving their anonymity. 

Anonymity Meets Talent Acquisition

The Noxx Pseudonymous Talent Profile empowers users to showcase their skills, experience, and job availability without revealing their actual identities. They can express their readiness for new roles, indicate their preferred conditions like salary and level of anonymity, all under a pseudonym. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals seeking side gig opportunities without jeopardizing their full-time jobs.

Employers can explore a pool of pseudonymous talents who've declared their willingness for new opportunities, providing transparency in the recruitment process.

Profile Highlights

Some Noxx users have already gone ahead and made their profile pages so that employers can find them for future opportunities! These are just some of the great examples of how to best use Noxx Pseudonymous Talent Profiles to grow your career.

Brewsta’s profile is a great example of what’s possible with Noxx. Their current position is descriptive, complete with accomplishments and time in the role. Brewsta is a seasoned engineer with a focus on NFT and DeFi-related smart contract and client-side applications. With over 12 years of web development experience, Brewsta made a seamless transition into crypto, where they notably developed and optimized ERC721 smart contracts, built dApps, contributed to DAOs, and played a crucial role in strategic product decisions.

Next, Geo’s profile is another excellent instance of putting Noxx profiles to work. Geo has in-depth descriptions of their experiences, and a clear call-to-action for employers on what they're looking for as a job. Geo is a highly experienced Product Manager with an impressive track record of working with a variety of companies in sectors such as crypto, decentralized prediction markets, and wearable tech. 

Geo's ability to lead cross-functional teams, formulate impactful product strategies, and drive significant growth. Throughout their career, they have excelled at ideating, developing, and launching products by using data-driven methodologies, improving user experiences, generating substantial revenue growth, and maintaining a keen focus on customer needs and feedback.

Mego is a Senior Software Engineer and Team Leader with significant experience at a top tech company included in the MAMAA group (Meta, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet). She has led a 100+ person team in the development of a new digital product, providing leadership in design, implementation, and operational readiness reviews, and has also played a significant role in the recruitment process, interviewing hundreds of candidates. Notably, Mego is currently building a product from scratch that promises high press coverage upon launch.

Alshafei is a visionary founder and executive director with over 17 years of experience in managing non-profit organizations, particularly those amplifying under-represented voices in the Middle East and North Africa. They have shown a remarkable aptitude for leading product, fundraising, and strategic initiatives, while successfully directing teams of developers and designers and overseeing crucial aspects like quality assurance, budgets, partnerships, product launches, and community outreach. 

LIB is a skilled tech lead and engineer with proficiency in crypto, specializing in front-end development utilizing Next.js and React, and contract development using Solidity. With over a year of experience, LIB has contributed to a diverse range of projects including web3 gaming platforms, non-custodial wallets, decentralized exchanges, and NFTs, and has prepared for token listings. Additionally, as an engineer in education, LIB played a key role in driving sales growth from $100k/month to $2M over six years.

To learn more about how Pseudonymous Talent Profiles work and how you can set up your own, read our blog post here:

If you are an employer, be sure to check out each of our users' profiles to hire someone with great skills!

Posted by Noxx Team