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March 30, 2023

Introducing: Pseudonymous Talent Sign-Ups on Noxx

We are excited to announce the launch of talent signups on Noxx. 

At Noxx, we believe that talent should be recognized based on skills and abilities, not on names or backgrounds. But we know, it’s a struggle to be seen as a legitimate actor or to file the necessary taxes. 

That’s why we’re building Noxx. Our platform allows people to stay pseudonymous, while still being able to work with legal entities. We do it by KYCing individuals but ensuring that that info remains private with zero-knowledge proofs. 

Read more: Zero-Knowledge Proof in our FAQ

We’ve already seen individuals try to sign up on the platform. But before, only companies were able to issue invites to onboard individuals. 

So, we started to work on this feature so that individuals can freely sign up! 

To do so, all you need to do is complete the process at ​​


Once you’re done, you will receive a soulbound token, a non-transferrable NFT, in your wallet. 

This token indicates that you have completed the KYC process successfully. The NFT is proof of your work eligibility to work under a pseudonym, without having the company compromise legal or tax issues.

Minted NFT Email.png

In today's rapidly evolving workforce, we believe this is the first step to unlocking untapped potential and leveling the playing field for everyone.

Note that this is still in early alpha, and we would appreciate any feedback! Or if you would like to use Noxx for your existing team, please reach out to us at Twitter.

Posted by Noxx Team