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May 9, 2023

Noxx Explores Virtual Avatar Tools

The world of virtual avatars has been steadily growing over the past few years, and with the rise of the metaverse, virtual reality, and NFTs, users are looking for creative and customizable ways to represent themselves online. 

Virtual avatars are more than just digital representations: they are extensions of our identities in the online world. They provide us with the opportunity to express ourselves in ways that transcend the limitations of the physical realm, allowing us to connect with others in meaningful and immersive ways. 

Not only are avatars a way to become digital, but also tools to stay and work anonymously. By using a virtual avatar, anonymous people can engage in their work without fear of personal attacks or negative consequences. Their real face may not be showing, but some life-like attributes can still shine through. They can also encourage merit-based evaluation, as they allow individuals to be judged solely on the quality of their work rather than their appearance, gender, or other personal attributes.

As virtual environments become increasingly sophisticated, so too does the need for avatars that can accurately represent ourselves. Virtual avatar tools address this need, offering a wide range of customization options, from simple 2D designs to intricate 3D models with lifelike animations. With popular NFT projects hopping on board, virtual avatar tooling gives communities new ways to interact with one another, going much further beyond a basic profile picture. 

What are Virtual Avatar Tools?

Virtual avatar tools are software packages or platforms that allow users to create, customize, and animate digital representations of themselves. These avatars can then be used on social media, gaming platforms, virtual reality experiences, or any online environment. Virtual avatar tools vary in complexity, with some providing basic customization options, while others offering more advanced features like motion capture and facial expressions.

Some common features include:

- Provide a wide array of customization options, enabling users to modify facial features, hairstyles, clothing, accessories, and more to create a unique digital representation of themselves.

- Offer the ability to animate avatars using motion capture technology, tracking the user's movements and facial expressions to create more lifelike and experiences.

- Embrace the growing popularity of crypto and NFTs, enabling users to mint their avatars as unique, tradeable digital assets on various blockchains.

As virtual environments continue to evolve and expand, virtual avatar tools will likely play an increasingly important role in shaping our digital experiences and identities. By offering a diverse range of features and capabilities, these tools empower users to express themselves and connect with others in new and exciting ways.

Top Virtual Avatar Software


Hologram offers an enhanced digital identity experience, allowing users to immerse themselves as their favorite virtual character across various platforms, including social media, content creation, and gaming. It enables brand mascots, AR/VR collections, and growth across multiple platforms, while providing infinite utility for intellectual property. Hologram supports metaverse interoperability and offers artists more earning potential. Users can own and verify their digital identities, making it a powerful tool for creators. 

Key components of Hologram include the Hologram Extension for video-chatting apps, Hologram Studio for streaming, and more. Hologram’s documentation also comes complete with a guide on how to get started, both as a user and an artist. Their web studio has all of the bells and whistles you need to build out your virtual avatar!


MYTY aims to develop an on/off-chain infrastructure for the Web3 social metaverse, focused on avatar-based interactions. The project envisions an evolution of PFPs from simple images to expressive avatars, with ownership tied to NFTs.

It supports a decentralized system where anyone can create avatars from PFPs and metaverse developers can access avatar data in a permissionless manner. However, the actual use of avatars within a metaverse app is limited to the NFT owner. MYTY emphasizes open-source infrastructure to prevent monopolization and enable organic growth, allowing for widespread participation in improving and expanding the ecosystem.

MYTY Kit is an SDK that facilitates the creation of live avatars from PFPs and metaverse apps for those avatars. It transforms NFT collections into animated, motion-capture-enabled avatars and can be used to develop Web3 social metaverse apps. Avatars, created through MYTY, conform to their standards and are animated using real-time motion capture technology and are compatible with major webcam-based apps like YouTube, Twitch, Zoom, and Discord.


Huddle01 emerged from a straightforward concept of creating communication that is reliable, efficient, secure, and governed by individuals rather than centralized entities. This vision took shape at the ETHGlobal Hackathon in 2019, and within just two years, Huddle01 has successfully launched its Video Meeting dApp and Communication Infrastructure, while also developing the first Decentralized Real-Time Communication (dRTC) Network.

The company's mission is to connect 100 million people through its platform, facilitating access to and benefits from decentralized communication. Huddle01 offers a sufficiently decentralized RTC Platform that caters to communities and creators, featuring a user-friendly dashboard. Additionally, they provide a plug-and-play API that allows developers to easily integrate audio/video communication features into their own products.


VSeeFace is a free, customizable avatar puppeteering program designed for virtual YouTubers, offering robust tracking and high-quality imaging similar to Luppet, 3tene, and Wakaru. Compatible with Windows 8 and above (64-bit only), it supports perfect sync through various applications and uses the VMC protocol to send, receive, and combine tracking data. 

OBS's game capture, Spout2, and virtual cameras enable native transparency capturing. The program performs face tracking, including eye gaze and mouth movements, using a standard webcam. For optional hand tracking, a Leap Motion device is necessary. The face tracking performance of VSeeFace is comparable to other popular virtual YouTuber applications.

VRoid Studio

VRoid Studio is a 3D character creation tool that caters to both beginners and experienced users in the virtual and gaming world. Its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and vast library of pre-made assets make it a valuable asset for designing unique and captivating avatars. The program's compatibility with VRM file format allows for seamless integration with various virtual platforms and applications, making it a versatile solution for content creators, game developers, and virtual reality enthusiasts.

One of the key strengths of Vroid Studio is its intuitive design, which allows users to quickly grasp the basics and dive into creating their characters. The software provides a wide range of features, such as editing hair, facial features, and body proportions, to help users bring their vision to life. Additionally, the texture painting feature enables detailed customization of clothing and accessories. The active community and numerous tutorials available online make overcoming a learning curve easier.


The expanding world of virtual avatars has opened up new avenues for self-expression, communication, and anonymity in various online spaces. As the popularity of the metaverse, virtual reality, and NFTs continues to grow, the demand for creative and customizable avatar tools will only increase. 

With software options like Hologram, MYTY, VSeeFace, and more, users can find the perfect tool to create their unique digital personas that accurately represent them in the virtual world. As we move further into the digital age, virtual avatars will become more prominent and vital components of our online lives, shaping our digital experiences and identities in innovative and exciting ways.

Posted by Noxx Team