Work with true pseudonymity

Noxx is a payroll and compliance tool that enables companies to hire pseudonymous talent, without compromising legal obligations.


Pseudonymous hiring is the future

Multilayered digital identities are already an important part of everyday life for millions of users, empowering them to escape biases and be judged on their merits

But that same freedom hasn’t been possible in the world of work. Companies have been unable to legally hire talent without also asking for sensitive information that can lead to biases

Until now...

Noxx allows companies to hire top talent with true pseudonymity, while remaining completely in line with regulatory compliance


Payroll and compliance for pseudonymous talent

  • Companies sign up for Noxx, enabling them to hire pseudonymous talent without friction

  • We use Zero Knowledge Proof to verify the talent’s identity - ensuring that neither Noxx or the company is ever able to view their personal information

  • The talent is given a non-transferrable NFT that they can prove their identity

  • Those companies are able to pay in fiat and we pay the talent into their crypto wallet, ensuring complete pseudonymity


Noxx enables talent to be free from discrimination

  • profile-avatarprofile

    Free from age

    I trained to become a programmer later in life, and one my main concerns was that people would see me as being too old. That they would think I couldn’t keep up with modern best practice or that I’d be overlooked younger members of the team

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    Free from location

    I was born in a developing country, studied in the US and have now returned to the country of my birth. So many employers offer less compensation simply based on my location, when I’m just as educated and skilled as my peers who remained in the US

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    Free from profiling

    Having faced discrimination at work before, it was draining to worry that it might happen again. I just want to be judged on my abilities, not the color of my skin

Cutting-edge cryptography ensures total privacy

Using zero-knowledge proof, Noxx enables talents to prove their authenticity without revealing their original identity

Our beliefs

  • Pseudonymity is freedom

    Noxx empowers a world where workers can be free from discrimination, knowing that they are being judged based on their merits, not an employer’s biases

  • Pseudonymity is uncompromised

    Noxx is a custom built solution that’s specifically designed to ensure that talents’ privacy is always protected

  • Pseudonymity is the future of work

    Noxx uniquely enables legal entities to hire the very best pseudonymous talent, while still maintaining the highest standards of compliance and accountability